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Bridging Finance Solutions
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Bridging Finance Solutions

About Bridging Finance Solutions

Bridging Finance Solutions (BFS) is a leading bridging and development loan specialist focusing on a niche area of the property finance sector, notably sub-£1million loans, largely to customers in the North of England, as well as development finance.

The long established and widely respected firm appointed Outloud PR in 2014 to manage all external PR and have been working with the firm since, maintaining a retained and over-arching focus on trade media.


Bridging Finance Solution is an independent finance business that has grown consistently since its launch in 2008 at an average rate of 25% year on year.

During the past five years, the firm has begun to consolidate its position with the property finance sector delivering largely sub £1million bridging loans and development loans to clients in the North of England struggling to access funds via traditional lending routes.

It is this transition and re-positioning that has formed the crux of the firm’s PR campaign . Outloud PR has worked closely with the team at BFS to understand their goals and objectives identifying projects, developments and initiatives that serve to reinforce the broader corporate messaging.

The campaign focuses heavily on the financial property sector with whom Outloud PR has established solid and effective working relationships. PR activity comprises both proactive and reactive works including the distribution of press releases and case studies as well as contributing to wider feature pieces through comment and opinion, combined with profile pieces.

The campaign has ensured that BFS is positioned as a leading business within the highly competitive bridging finance industry.

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Bridging Finance Solution has enjoyed consistent brand awareness in target media, profiled using a multi-media approach.

The content is also optimised with the wider marketing drive as part of an ongoing SEO campaign.

Focusing on not only projects but issues that are affecting the industry, advice style pieces and company developments ensure that BFS is perceived as an important and informative, expert business and one in which customers old and new will turn to for bridging or development finance.

Steve Barber, Managing Director at Bridging Finance Solutions said: “The work delivered by Outloud PR has supported us as we continue to embark on an ongoing business development drive.

Bridging Finance Solutions

“The work delivered by Outloud PR has supported us as we continue to embark on an ongoing business development drive.

“Amber understands our business, our goals and objectives and successfully unearths the important stories that help customers understand our potential and consider ways in which our finance solutions can support them. She has become an extended part of the BFS team and our relationship is one that we value and consider an important part of our wider marketing function.”

Steve Barber
Managing Director at Bridging Finance Solutions

Bridging Finance Solutions

Bridging Finance Solutions


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